Schulz Engineering




Schulz Engineering is moving into the new Headoffice in Ravensburg-Erlen



Schulz Engineering is moving into the new Headoffice in Ravensburg-Erlen




Schulz Engineering is moving into the new Headoffice in Ravensburg-Erlen




Long-term major contracts from VW, Audi and BMW

For the coming years, both the basic workload as well as the continued growth of Schulz Engineering GmbH are secured.


Strong growth

Due to an excellent order situation and a continuously optimized project management, the company is enjoying rising sales figures.


Successful consolidation  

The position of Schulz Engineering GmbH remained stable, even during the global economic crisis.


New board of management

On 31.12.2008, Reinhold and Petra Schulz exit from the operative management and surrender their shares of Schulz Engineering GmbH. All shares are transferred to Sven Schulz. In the course of the restructuring of the company Sven Schulz becomes Chairman of the Board of Management from 2009. Rolf Schramm, a company officer with statutory authority, becomes Managing Director for the areas of simulation and planning. Eberhard Keller becomes Managing Director for the project management and construction areas.


New site in the Saarland

A new site is founded in Völklingen near Saarbrücken with the aim of establishing an exclusive automation technology and robotics team for the Schulz Group.


Growth IV

By the end of 2007, there is a total of 101 employees at all Schulz Engineering GmbH sites. The entire Schulz Group, with the companies Schulz Engineering, NetAllied Systems, Dengler Engineering and Dengler Tube Tec and a total of 166 employees, achieves a total turnover of around 16 million Euro.


Takeover of Dengler Engineering

In October 2006, Sven Schulz takes over as shareholder of the Dengler Engineering company from the Expert Group. Rolf Baumbach is operative Managing Director of Dengler Engineering. The mechanical engineering area of Dengler Engineering is split off into Dengler Tube Tec.


Growth III

By the end of 2005, there is a total of 66 employees at all Schulz Engineering sites.


Sven Schulz becomes Managing Director

In November 2005, Sven Schulz, son of company founder Reinhold Schulz, is appointed to the board of management. A graduate industrial engineer, Schulz has been gathering experience at Schulz Engineering in the construction, planning and project management areas since 2001.


Founding of Schulz Engineering Iberica S.L.

Due to increasing demand and projects on the Iberian peninsula, Schulz Engineering Iberica S.L. with headquarters in Barcelona is founded. In the long term, 10 engineers and technicians are intended to handle independent projects for regional clients at this site.


New construction of company headquarters 2003

Schulz Engineering gets a generously appointed new company headquarters and development center with state-of-the-art workplaces for 60 new employees.


Growth II

Increasing order numbers make it necessary to hire new employees. Number of employees at the end of 2002: Tettnang 45, Brunswick 6, Jena 10.


IT-structure update

Establishment of a separate IT-crew with 2 employees at headquarters in Tettnang. Development of a process-oriented PMS (project management system) with own support.


Jena branch office  

The Jena branch office is founded. Its objective: proximity to the automotive plants in East Germany. Number of employees: 2.


Change of company name

Due to an expansion of the areas of activity, Schulz Konstruktionen changes its company name to Schulz Engineering.


Quality guarantee

Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.


Founding of Brunswick branch office  

In 1998, the company founds a branch office in Brunswick. Objective: proximity to the VW-plants in Wolfsburg and Brunswick. 1999: larger office premises for 4 employees.



First major contract from VW in the area of 3D-construction. Scope: complete spot welding system in connection with Rob-CAD-simulation for the basis of robot offline programming. Setup of workstations: 15 CATIA, 3 Rob-CAD.


High-end specialization

3D-based welding system construction becomes focal point of the company: expansion of CATIA-activities. Use of first Rob-CAD simulation software. 10 CATIA- and 15 Auto-CAD-stations are available for 25 employees.


Renewed technology push

Starting in summer 1995, the CATIA 3D-area is expanded massively. Successful use of simulation software: functioning interaction of construction/simulation of spot welding systems.


First laser welding system

Schulz Konstruktionen plans the first laser welding system.


Growth I

The number of employees rises to 28. First tests with Rob-CAD-simulations.


Technology push

The company uses the 3D-solid construction system CATIA.


Tettnang becomes site of company headquarters

The company moves its company headquarters to Tettnang. A newly constructed office building offers ideal working conditions for 35 employees. CAD-workstations: 15.



The company is one of the first engineering companies in south Germany to use CAD-technology. CAD-workstations: 3.



Reinhold Schulz founds the company Schulz Konstruktionen in Ravensburg. Company objective: the development of production systems for the automotive industry. Number of employees: 2.