Dive into digital worlds with us

Virtual Reality

We let you experience an interactive world in which your products and processes are brought to life and made easy to understand. In addition, all solutions are scalable and mobile.

The special feature of our visualizations is that you can move about freely to explore your computer-generated world and explore the products yourself at close range. We use Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality to generate the symbiosis and merge virtual and real worlds together.

Thanks to visual computer-aided add-on information and with the help of augmented reality tools, we expand your perception of reality and that of your customers.

Remote assistance and digital assembly instructions are used to help you transfer know-how internally to your production staff.

Go with the times


Our VR team blurs the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, creating a training environment tailored to your needs. Even if the workplace and necessary work equipment do not yet exist, the worker can learn the work processes in advance.

The worker can be supported by further guidance such as outlining and information texts. In addition, optical, haptic and audiovisual effects create perfect immersion and guarantee maximum learning success.

We make technology tangible, vivid, and appropriate for the target group


Behind the term CGI "Computer Generated Imagery" stands a unique possibility to visualize your product as high-quality graphics or video with the help of our software programs. The quality of the images and the possible applications are virtually unlimited

Our experienced team of experts will evaluate your CAD data and assign high-quality materials and textures to the product. In this way, we prepare high-resolution renderings for all applications from web applications to trade show walls and large-scale posters. Especially in this day and age, we offer you an innovative way to market products in creative settings. There are no limits to what we can do.

The results can not only be used for static web applications and print media, but can also be dynamically staged in augmented reality, mixed reality or virtual reality.

We can host the virtual scenes for you via our server and link them to your website.

Visions beyond limits


360° degree tour

Stand out from the competition with the help of our 360° solutions. From planning to on-site shooting using real photographs or 3D laser scans, we provide you with an all-around view of your facility in a virtual environment.

Digital trade fair presence

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, we offer you limitless display options for your virtual exhibition stand. Design your interactive trade fair presentation with us as a virtual showroom experience. In doing so, we focus on the optimal staging of your company and the products.

There are no limits for the individual presentation of your product


Maximilian Thurn (M.Sc.)
Teamleader Virtual Reality

Our simulations make your visions visible


Photorealistic rendering of products

Product animations

Exploded views