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The success of automation techniques

Electropneumatics is successfully used in many areas of industrial automation technology. The change in requirements and technical developments have significantly changed the appearance of the controls.

It is not without reason that our customer list includes many well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry. After all, if you go straight to the specialist, you avoid extra work and know-how bottlenecks and can get a secure head start.

Solutions for our customers

Schulz Engineering creates customer-specific circuit diagrams (according to DIN) for various application areas, which result from the existing control systems on site, thus creating the interface to the electrical design. In addition, detailed program flow charts, function-path-time diagrams and parts lists (according to DIN) are provided to the customer, enabling implementation.

Holistic solutions

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Customized parts lists

Parts lists are created by Schulz Engineering according to customer-specific release lists for ordering the electro-pneumatic components according to DIN. These form the basis for successful implementation in the respective application areas.

Pneumatic circuit diagram

The pneumatic circuit diagram represents the relationship between signal flow, energy flow, control elements and the compressed air connections. Specifically, these are created according to customer specifications in various programs such as CatiaV5, Excel, FluidDraw.

Function-path-time diagrams

The function diagram is used to visualize functional sequences of the working elements of a pneumatic circuit. The sequence of functions of the individual components is shown in a diagram and they are set in relation to each other.

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Further services

Project management

Our team of experts offers you an all-round package, starting with concept development, tendering and selection of suppliers right up to overall budget overview and on-site control of the project's timely implementation.

Plant documentation

There are a large number of national and international standards for the implementation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. We help you to find your way through the jungle of laws, directives and standards and structure your documents to a necessary and sensible level.


Building on our experience and expertise gathered over many years, as well as our creativity, we can develop innovative plant concepts and system-optimized processes perfectly tailored to your needs.