Finite element calculation

Finite element calculation

Analysis and optimization in time

Statistical FEM analyses

So that we can detect deformations, strains or stresses at an early stage in designs, we carry out calculations using the finite element method (FEM) based on complex solids.

In this process, the total body is divided into several partial bodies in simplified forms, the “finite elements”. The smaller the elements are displayed, the better and more accurate the changes can be calculated and displayed. Our team of experts subjects this to varying degrees of stress using special computer programs in order to simulate the physical behavior of the overall structure.

Detect weak points early

With this method, we can detect weak points at an early stage, analyze them and then optimize them in order to effectively avoid additional costs.

CATIA V5 calculation program (linear elastic):

  • Generative Assembly Structural Analysis (GAS)
  • Generative Part Structural Analysis (GPS)
  • Design-accompanying FEM analysis to determine the stress distribution and deformation for different load cases.
  • Analysis for estimation and localization of locations with increased stresses


  • Robot-guided console (welded part)
  • Body frame (welded part)
  • Transport racks (welded part)
  • Tool stand (welded part)

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We are specialists in the design of special machinery and equipment in plant engineering, especially within the BIW (body in white) car design phase. Our day-to-day operations not only include complete support for new constructions but also adapting and optimizing existing plants.

Risk analysis

If you want to place machines or systems on the European market as a manufacturer, you are legally required to analyze every hazard associated with your machine by carrying out a risk assessment, so that you can draw up a list of measures to reduce these risks and identify them in documentation to protect employees.

Plant documentation

There are a large number of national and international standards for the implementation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. We help you to find your way through the jungle of laws, directives and standards and structure your documents to a necessary and sensible level.