Plant ­documentation

Plant ­documentation

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Documentation according to standard

Without this documentation, machines and systems may not be placed on the market in europe.

The necessary requirements for this are regulated by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. A large number of national and international standards exist for the implementation of the directive. We help you to find your way through the jungle of laws, directives and standards and structure your documents to a necessary and sensible level.

Visualizations and illustrations

Professional visualizations put your products in the best possible light. From operating manuals to maintenance manuals and spare parts lists – we realize your ideas innovatively and purposefully.

CE – Conformity test

Products provided in the member states of the European Union must comply with the protection objectives of the respective applicable EU directives. To meet these requirements, we advise and assist you in the preparation of CE conformity.


With our partners, we are able to translate your documentation into any language you require. The translators are certified and work according to EN ISO 17100, so you are optimally protected.

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Further services

Risk analysis

If you want to place machines or systems on the European market as a manufacturer, you are legally required to analyze every hazard associated with your machine by carrying out a risk assessment, so that you can draw up a list of measures to reduce these risks and identify them in documentation to protect employees.


We are specialists in the design of special machinery and equipment in plant engineering, especially within the BIW (body in white) car design phase. Our day-to-day operations not only include complete support for new constructions but also adapting and optimizing existing plants.

Methods-time measurement

In this process, employees' manual work processes are analyzed to determine planned and target times. The entire process is reduced to basic movements (grasping, turning, etc.), the times are determined empirically and then tabulated.