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Health Day strengthens employee well-being

The Schulz Group's Health Day, organized for all subsidiaries based in Ravensburg, generated great enthusiasm and positive feedback among employees last week.

The company made a clear statement about the importance of a balanced lifestyle with a variety of exciting offerings and activities that focused on well-being and health. From the start, employees were thrilled with the extensive health checkups. Vision tests, heart rate variability measurements, as well as blood pressure and spinal measurements allowed employees to assess their current health status and take preventive measures if necessary.

 Another highlight of the Health Day was the AOK information booth. An expert from the General Local Health Insurance Fund provided employees with helpful information and advice on various health-related topics. From questions about health insurance to tips on prevention and health promotion, employees had the opportunity to discuss individual concerns and gain valuable insights for their well-being.

 To help employees cope with the stress of their work lives and promote a healthy work-life balance, relaxation massages and exercises were offered. A professional masseuse and relaxation experts ensured that employees could relax and recharge. These offerings presented employees with various ways to reduce stress and improve their mental health.

 A show truck with e-bikes, provided by Ravensburger Fahrradprofis, enticed employees to test ride and offered them a new perspective on modern mobility solutions. Employees had the opportunity to try out the latest electric bicycles. The show truck brought innovation and sustainability right to their doorstep, inspiring employees to consider eco-friendly alternatives to cars, such as JobRad.

 To replenish energy reserves and promote healthy eating, the Health Bar awaited employees with a variety of delicious snacks and freshly pressed juices. Employees could help themselves at the bar and recharge their energy with nutritious treats.

 The Schulz Group's Health Day was a resounding success and underscored the company's strong commitment to employee well-being and health. The wide range of offerings - from comprehensive checkups to informative lectures, relaxation opportunities, and innovative mobility solutions - provided employees with diverse opportunities to promote their health and find inspiration.

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