Schulz Engineernig expands portfolio with virtual reality

Schulz Engineering GmbH is expanding its service portfolio to include “Virtual Operator Training”. Training costs can be reduced and learning content can be internalised more quickly with the help of digitalised courses.

Virtual reality is the new tool for digitalising training and courses quickly and easily. Our VR team develops a customised training environment tailored to every customer requirement, and there are no limits to our design. Even if the workplace and necessary work equipment do not yet exist, our designers can create them as desired. This means that training participants can learn assembly steps and processes even before their first real working day.

The virtual training sessions can be used at any stage of the operator's career – from classic onboarding to further training – and save time as well as personnel and material costs. The time required for preparation and follow-up as well as on-site support is greatly reduced as operators run through the processes in the virtual environment largely on their own. Moreover, there are no real consequences if the worker makes a mistake or operating error. Since the VR can be used almost anywhere and at any time, scheduling training is quick and easy.

The special feature of our visualisation is that the training participants can move freely and at their own pace. In this way, workers can explore the computer-generated world at leisure and examine the working materials at close quarters. Visual, haptic and audiovisual effects appeal to several senses at the same time and help operators learn up to four times faster compared to conventional courses. By the same token, operators feel more motivated to apply what they have learned in the workplace. Our VR team supports the customer throughout the entire process by means of remote assistance and also offers digital assembly instructions for internal knowledge sharing among production staff. Supplementary information or assistance such as outlining or information texts can be individually included for the operator.

With more than 130 employees at three locations, Schulz Engineering is one of the leading German engineering service providers in the field of engineering, planning, design and simulation as well as commissioning of sophisticated special machines and complex production plants in the automotive and aviation industries. Thanks to its close and long-standing cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems, the company is also further expanding its capabilities in the development of assembly systems for battery production.

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