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Schulz Group further expands its charging infrastructure

Management holding company “Schulz Group GmbH” installs 22 charging stations for electric cars at the head office in Ravensburg-Erlen.

Instead of classic petrol stations and internal combustion engines, the Schulz Group based in Ravensburg is now relying on decentralised charging stations and thus setting an example for electromobility. For many people, e-mobility is still a transport concept for the distant future, yet it has long been part of our everyday lives. In the future, more and more cars with electric motors will be on the roads and will permanently change the image of mobility. The German government aims to have ten million electric cars and approximately one million charging points in Germany by 2030. The growing number of electric car registrations must be matched by an increase in charging options.

The Schulz Group also intends to drive forward mobility transformation – towards electrification. That is why, in addition to the photovoltaic system on the company roof, five charging points have been available since 2015. At the beginning of this year, capacity was expanded to a total of 22 charging stations as part of a collaboration with the corporate start-up ChargeBig of the company MAHLE. In response to the increased demand for charging options, the management decided to expand the charging infrastructure at the Ravensburg site. The Schulz Group's fleet of company vehicles already includes 17 electric vehicles, and the trend is rising. Electric cars are also becoming increasingly popular among Schulz Group employees in the private sector.

“We are particularly pleased that this investment provides our employees as well as visitors and customers with a free opportunity to charge electric vehicles in our company car park with charging rates up to 22 kW,” says managing partner Sven Schulz.

Schulz Group GmbH not only offers an incentive to switch to environmentally friendly driving, but also helps to create greater acceptance of electromobility. With this investment, Sven Schulz wants to set an example as an entrepreneur and sees it as his duty as an employer to make a contribution to sustainability and to create the necessary conditions for this.

The shift towards CO2-neutral transport on the roads is only possible if environmentally friendly "refuelling" is possible in public places, at home or at work. This is a challenge we accept. We are happy to take small steps towards a cleaner future.

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Testing of electrical equipment according to DGUV V3 (German Social Accident Insurance Reg. 3)

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