Battery assembly in factory 4.0

Schulz Engineering GmbH handed over a manual production line for AKASOL AG in Darmstadt at the end of October. For the series production of the 48-volt battery system “AKARack”, it developed a holistic concept, supervised production and commissioned the manual production line in the new Gigafactory 1 at the end of October.

As a system supplier for the Gigafactory 1 of AKASOL AG in Darmstadt, Schulz Engineering GmbH has handed over the production line for the AKARack lithium-ion battery system. With the main line, the sub-assemblies for the assembly of the control units also go into operation on schedule.

Highlights of the Factory 4.0

  • Monitoring of all production process parameters via OPC coupled smart devices
  • End-to-end worker guidance with traceability and quality gates
  • Integration of end-of-line testing into the product line

With around 150 employees, Schulz Engineering is one of the leading German engineering service providers in the field of engineering, planning, design and simulation as well as commissioning of sophisticated special machines and complex production plants. With its headquarters in Ravensburg Erlen, it is one of seven subsidiaries of the Schulz Group, a medium-sized group of companies with around 500 employees throughout Germany, which has been successfully active in the three business areas of engineering, mechanical engineering and cleantech for over 30 years. The companies include AKASOL AG from Darmstadt, a leading European manufacturer of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems.

Company group
Health Day strengthens employee well-being

The Schulz Group's Health Day, organized for all subsidiaries based in Ravensburg, generated great enthusiasm and positive feedback among employees last week.

Testing of electrical equipment according to DGUV V3 (German Social Accident Insurance Reg. 3)

Schulz Engineering has been a registered electrical contractor since January 2021 and offers regular testing of stationary and non-stationary equipment and systems under DGUV V3 including final documentation.