Testing of electrical equipment according to DGUV V3 (German Social Accident Insurance Reg. 3)

Schulz Engineering has been a registered electrical contractor since January 2021 and offers regular testing of stationary and non-stationary equipment and systems under DGUV V3 including final documentation.

DGUV V3 is an accident prevention regulation issued by the German Social Accident Insurance institutions. It refers to a company's binding obligation to ensure the safety of its employees in the workplace. This inspection allows the early detection of possible danger points so that they can be avoided.

Testing is carried out on all electrical equipment and systems that are either permanently installed or regularly transported with their environments. This means that any entrepreneur using hoovers, computers, drills or similar devices for commercial purposes is obliged to have them regularly inspected. These inspections may only be carried out by competent persons who have the necessary expertise according to the Industrial Safety Regulations. Schulz Engineering offers the appropriately trained electrical specialists together with the latest testing equipment. In this way, we can guarantee straightforward and reliable inspection procedures with detailed documentation of the results.

Our specialists first establish the range of devices to be tested and create a test protocol. The DGUV V3 test is then carried out in the following three steps:

1) Visual inspection – Does the object have visible defects from the outside (e.g. rust)?

2) Functional test – Are all the unit's functions fully functional (e.g. circuit breakers)?

3) Measurement test – Are the limit and guide values within the device standard?

Depending on the business unit, complexity and size of the equipment or systems, the inspection interval varies from 6 to 24 months.

With more than 130 employees at three locations, Schulz Engineering is one of the leading German engineering service providers in the field of engineering, planning, design and simulation as well as commissioning of sophisticated special machines and complex production plants in the automotive and aviation industries. Thanks to its close and long-standing cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems, the company is also further expanding its capabilities in the development of assembly systems for battery production.

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